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Know more about FreeWings

Welcome to the place of fun & possibilities. FreeWings is a true destination of Child Education & Development. We have a perfect team of experienced & TTC – ECE trained staff to empower the lives of your kids. We always keep innovating on the issue of mental & physical growth of children. FreeWings is possibly the only pre-school which keeps kids evolving through various programs & activities.

We have designed various programs & activities in an easy to learn way. Most of the programs are so designed to make kids involve, act & evolve through it.Click here to see what programs & activities we have for your kids.

In order to reach our goal, we propose to fortify the children adequately by helping them to:

  • 1. Develop social skills and abilities.
  • 2. Develop fluency in language and enjoy all the learning processes of oral, visual and written communication.
  • 3. Develop to their full potential while remaining true to their individual nature.
  • 4. Acquire a level of communicative competence that is personally satisfying.
  • 5. Develop into self thinking young independent individuals.